Low carb – high fat diets

low carb dietDoes low carb- high fat diet need to be proven over and over again?

Many high fat diets have been around for years. In Poland – for instance, Polish physician Jan Kwasniewski cured thousands of people suffering from…. more

natural curesSpa-treatments

List of possible types of massages the clients can expect to find at a spa resorts:

  • Short, relaxing and stress relieving massage for busy people
  • Swedish-deep massage – a combination of light-strong strokes for muscle … more

Beetroot – super foodhealthy food

Consuming beetroot juice significantly improves body’s oxygen utilization, and subsequently muscle efficiency…more

natural cosmeticsNatural lifting mask

Very simple and effective lifting mask can be made by using agar and Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) root extract. Agar comes from Gracilaria or Gelidium algae and in a commercial  ….. more

natural oilsAlkylglycerols in shark liver oil

Through the ages people have been looking into nature to find answers to their health problems. In Scandinavia, Japan, Spain and other sea adjoining countries where fishing was a way of life for many ….. more

Silicon rich beer against osteoporosis and aging

silica in beer

The role of silicon in human biology is not completely understood, but some studies may suggest its beneficial influence in the prevention of specific diseases….. more

Spiritual aspects of pregnancy

The foetus in the womb is not a separate entity. It is a part of a woman’s body; entirely connected, co-dependent, and correlated. During pregnancy…. more

Peppermint  Herbal treatment

From all the members of the mint family, the peppermint is exceptionally good for making tea. Peppermint tea is a fantastic thirst quencher in hot weather……. more

Massage massage

In South Africa two basic SPA facilities are available, spa resorts and day spas. Spa resorts provide a variety of treatments for their patrons, while the day spa centres cater for the daily clients.

In the day spa and hotel spas one can expect to get body exfoliation, relaxing massages, facial, nail and hair care and often… more