Herbal Remedies

Natural herbal remedies and herbal healing

wild rosePeople have been using herbs for centuries, but today with modern science we know exactly which herbal components work with our bodies. We extract them, mix them and compose new healing remedies. Very often prompted by or busy lifestyles, we expect to have herbal alternative medicine conveniently packed in a pill. However, this is not the traditional way of preparing herbs as true herbalists know, the whole portion of plant must be used to make an effective herbal cure. Making herbal remedies by combining medicinal plants to treat specific illnesses has become an art in itself for those who value and respect nature. Purity of herbal plants and application of quantified doses to all preparations are very important in determining the quality of medications. Herbs used without caution can be unhealthy and dangerous. Herbal healing is available in gentle and non-invasive ways if applied correctly and with care.

herbs in pregnancyHerbs in pregnancy

The abundant availability of herbal specifics from retailers may give the impression that they are safe to use by everybody. It is often forgotten that herbs are medicines too, and that they interact with the body. For this reason they might be contraindicated for use by specific people with specific conditions or undergoing specific treatments. In pregnancy some herbs can be used to reduce discomfort and improve…… more

Herbal remedies for children children remedies

Why is it important to use herbs for treatments of our precious little angels? The answer is, because herbs can be healthier, safer and less invasive then the prescription medicines especially for minor problems.

In many diverse cultures different herbs are traditionally use for children; the form in which the herbs are administered also defer. Often the homeopathic formulations are preferred for babies and infants, while crude herbs in none alcoholic forms are used for older children.