Alkylglycerols in shark liver oil

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Through the ages people have been looking into nature to find answers to their health problems.

In Scandinavia, Japan, Spain and other sea adjoining countries where fishing was a way of life for many, the ocean provided not only a basic source of food but also health remedies for fishermen and their families.One of such remedy – shark liver oil – applied traditionally for wound healing, respiratory track and digestive system problems and for general wellbeing has received much attention from physicians and scientists alike.

The first reported studies on shark liver oil were conducted as early as in 1758 by Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus. In Japan Dr Mitsumaru Tsujimoto undertook in depth research on shark liver oil in 1906.

Later a group of active compounds named alkylglycerols were identified in the liver oil of deep water sharks and successfully used in treatment of child leukaemia patients by the Swedish doctor Astrid Brohult in 1952. Since then Dr A. Brohult and several other scientists have been researching medical and biological effects of alkylglycerols. Their studies show that using alkylglycerols before and during cancer radiation treatments reduces the severity of side effects in 90% of patients.

Supplementations with shark liver oil also help to reduce the drop in white cell count in chemotherapy patients. Prophylactic administration of shark liver oil reduces radiation-induced tissue injury by 50% and prolongs human life.

It was also unexpectedly discovered that taking alkylglycerols for five to seven days before the radiation treatment reduced the size of the tumors in some patients. Independent laboratory studies have been conducted in order to establish the role of alkylglycerols in suppressing and shrinkage of cancerous cells. In other studies researchers found that the activation of protein kinase C, an essential step in cancer cell growth, can actually be stopped or inhibited by alkylglycerols.(Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine (Spring 1998)

In the human body alkylglycerols are found in red blood cells, the spleen, liver and in the bone marrow. They occur naturally in mother’s milk and are a key substance in providing immunological support for breast fed babies against infection until their own immune systems are fully developed.

Alkylglycerols play an important and very complex role in a human body. In the bone marrow they normalize production of red and white blood cells without causing over stimulation. The body’s general immunological response capacity to form antibodies after vaccination is enhanced by treatment with alkylglycerols. Enhanced immune system is important for its ability to combat cold, flu and common infections as well as chronic immune-related conditions such as asthma, psoriasis, arthritis, allergies or AIDS.

Alkylglycerols are widely recognized for its ability to fight infectious diseases as they activate microphages, the body’s killer cells which consume bacteria, yeast and viruses. Overall, alkylglycerols are able to stimulate the macrophage to secrete over 50 substances concerned directly or indirectly with the immune system. Some of these substances, the interleukins, are powerful immune system fighters that interact with lymphocytes. We are well aware of the role antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, zinc, selenium.. etc play in prevention of serious health problems and in ageing. Although very effective at elimination of toxic free radicals they perform their function only outside the cells. However some free radicals place themselves inside the cells causing damage and threatening our genetic coding, DNA. Such a disruption can lead to uncontrolled cell growth. “One single characteristic of the alkylglycerols … versus other antioxidants is its ability to penetrate the cells outer membrane and get inside to reduce any free radical formation which has entered the cell”. ….Dr.Ross Pelton, Alternatives in Cancer Therapy

Shark liver oil is popular in many countries; in the Far East for example it is highly regarded as a cancer preventive, an immune system booster, a body oxygen enhancer, and a stamina builder. With regular use it brings resistance to colds and flu and other infections, youthful stamina, quick recovery from fatigue and weariness, more restful sleep, no constipation, less headaches, sharper mental alertness, renewed vitality, and a more radiant complexion and there have never been any adverse effects observed from them.

Alkylglycerols can be manufactured synthetically, but all currently available oil comes from the natural source. Shark liver oil capsules come usually with 20% alkylglycerols and contain natural, standardized and carefully controlled shark liver oil without unwanted fats or impurities. The alkylglycerols are concentrated through molecular distillation a unique process which removes all contaminants and undesirables, as well as vitamins A and D, which are considered toxic if taken in excessive amounts. Besides alkylglycerols shark liver oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Squalene and Squalamine, which are known for having extraordinary healing properties on their own.

As Dr Allen Sill from Johns Hopkins University said: :… “shark liver oil exhibits a remarkable ability to help strengthen the human immune system and is perhaps the most amazing immune system enhancer ever discovered.”


This information is educational in nature and is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any specific medical condition. Before you treat any illness or make changes in your current medication, seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner.