spa treatments

In South Africa two basic SPA facilities are available, spa resorts and day spas. Spa resorts provide a variety of treatments for their patrons, while the day spa centres cater for the daily clients.

In the day spa and hotel spas one can expect to get body exfoliation, relaxing massages, facial, nail and hair care and often body contouring treatments.
In resorts the list of possible treatments is more diverse, with massage being most popular.

List of possible types of massages the clients can expect to find at a spa resorts:

  • Short, relaxing and stress relieving massage for busy people
  • Swedish-deep massage – a combination of light-strong strokes for muscle relaxation and relieving tension knots
  • Deep tissue massage for overworked or stressed muscles. This massage increases blood flow to the tissue, providing oxygen and nourishment
  • Aromatherapy massage – uses essential oils for gentle relaxation. It works on the muscles and body senses, promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification
  • Lymphatic drainage – an advanced deep level massage, which improves the circulation of the lymph, helping in sustaining patient’s health and promoting beautiful skin
  • Hot stone massage – especially good for relieving chronic tension and pressure knots. The combination of heat and pressure works wonders on pain stricken muscles.
  • Wine Pinda Massage. This massage is brought from Indian Ayurvedic traditions and uses herbs, grape seed, oils and salts packed in a warm cloth bag which is then pressed against the skin. It works on the body’s senses, relaxes, and improves lymph and blood circulations.
  • Sport massage – a customized combination of strong movements and stretching.
  • Expecting mother massage – designed to relieve tension and discomfort in pregnancy, especially to the lower back, abdomen and inner thighs
  • Couples massage can be performed in any of the above forms but usually it is stress relieving or deep tissue massage