From all the members of the mint family, the peppermint is exceptionally good for making tea. Peppermint tea is a fantastic thirst quencher in hot weather, and helps with excessive perspiration. In some countries, very strong and sweet peppermint teas are ritually prepared by men as traditional refreshment.
Not all mints have the same therapeutic qualities, and some sensitive people might have allergic reaction just to the specific type of mint. Peppermint is often used in home preparations, mostly because of its bile secretion properties.

Pregnant women should not be using peppermint in their diets (Herbs in Pregnancy), but in children’s herbal preparations peppermint is very useful and often used in rubs and soothing medications.

From babble gum and toothpaste to medicine; the mint family is popular and present in many products.

Mint in a kitchen has been present since ancient times. Various cultures have developed their own ways of using this popular herb, cherished for its aromatic oils which give refreshing flavour to the dishes. Jelly mint is one of the favourite, especially for meat servings. Aromatic oil derived from the peppermint is widely used in baking and desserts. But peppermint benefits does not stop here, it is also used in cosmetics and beauty spa treatments.
In spa the essential peppermint oils and herbs are applied as a fragrance, calming and soothing agent. In massage and rejuvenation treatments peppermint is combined with other oils or is used as a cooling agent in skin and pedicure treatments.

Some propagators suggest that many essential plant oils, including peppermint oil can be safely used on animals, while others imply that there is a great risk involved in doing so. Generally, using any scents on animals is unnecessary. For cats it can be a life threatening experience as many oils are toxic to them. Dogs, with their sense of smell, do not appreciate the body odours being changed. However peppermint is widely used for horses. The fresh herbs help to easy digestion, and oils are added to the drinking water to increases alertness and as a pain reliever. Horses love peppermint.