Spiritual aspects of pregnancy

Spiritual aspects of pregnancy      calming music

The foetus in the womb is not a separate entity. It is a part of a woman’s body; entirely connected, co-dependent, and correlated. During pregnancy the health of the woman, physical and psychological plays a paramount role in the well being of the child.

The body accepts the new life and prepares itself to sustain its growth and parting. A lot has been said about nutrition during pregnancy, about the extra need for calcium and magnesium, about antioxidants and vitamins. Women are used to taking care of the physical symptoms during their pregnancies, but only some are aware of how important the psychological and spiritual aspects are for the future of their babies.

Most women do not consider themselves as being an energy field. However, the body is energy and the growing baby is a part of that energy. During pregnancy the body’s energy is related directly to the mental state of the mother. Stress and agitation, anger, insecurity and fear affect the growing foetus as much as the mother. Positive emotions create the harmony within the body; they create harmony within the foetus. The unity of mother and child within the body presents itself as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Total acceptance of the new human being, oneness, humility, caring and loving gives the mother a chance to broaden her love beyond her own child into all of humanity. Before a child accepts his name, personality path, and outside influences, he is a pure none-personified consciousness. Maternity is a blessing for women to enter into spiritual understanding, as it touches the very essence of humanity.